Picture of the week; Cook's Bridge


East Hanover has lavish History. Its roots can be traced back through the origin of the Farmers Almanac to The Revolutionary War. East Hanover is home to one of the first church congregations in the United States, The First Presbyterian Church. It sits in The “Village of Hanover” the birth place of our town and to the modern American.

Enrollment in the historical society has dwindled over the past few years but there has been a resurgence. Thanks to our core members; Carl & Christine Vidal , Margot Vaccaro, Elena Lombardi, Barbara Hullings, John Esposito, John Rello and Debbie Higgins our Historical Society still exists. Volunteering many hours of their time, they have managed to preserve our organization as well as our famous landmark; “The Cook House”. In the near future we hope to build on this and grow our Historical Society to further encapsulate our township heritage.

Let's build the future of East Hanover History

Latest News

Bob Evanik and the Buildings and Grounds committee have taken on heritage the maintenance and restoration plan for The Cook House.

Recent projects completed:

Stone Re Set on Landing

Bob and Jim Poploski cleaning gutters. Gutter and soffit also repaired recently. IMG_4910.jpeg