The Mead Store & Post Office

The Turnpike Road through the Village of Hanover was nothing like the modern day route 10. However, with-in walking distance, many resources were available. Pictured, was the general store and the first Post Office of Hanover. It was just off the the corner of Swinefield Road & Turnpike Road. Available for the first time in Hanover; Coca Cola, Quaker Oats and Nicaragua Cigars. Today, we call this intersection: Mt Pleasant Ave & River Road. The Mead General Store is now a small business called “Twice as Nice”. The building is still identifiable and it’s easy to imagine, the first, “best buy” of East Hanover. By the late 1800‘s the village was bustling with commerce. Horse and wagon deliveries from major Newark distributors such as; Hahnes & Co. and Marshall & Ball Clothiers were becoming more popular.

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