The History Detectives

I'm sure you wondered at some point in your life: " Why do we study history?" In grade school I pondered this often and would have gladly hosted a bonfire where all invited burned their history books. However, it has become obvious as life goes on, that history is an integral part of human evolution. Without it; we don’t accumulate knowledge, avoid catastrophe and maintain the growth and prosperity of mankind. That said, none of the aforementioned reasons for the study of history are the most obvious for me and the rest of the historical society. It's fun, just pure fun. To sit and wonder what life was like on Mt. Pleasant Ave during the revolutionary war, perhaps running into David Young while he constructed his sundial, maybe attending a Reverend Green sermon at one of the earliest church congregations in the United States; the First Presbyterian Church, how about life on a nuclear missile base during the cold war …studying these events is a vicarious thrill, it sends your mind in to the past like an old movie, temporarily providing the experience of what life may have been where you stand right now. The East Hanover History Detectives are largely responsible for the information on this site, and we'd also like to share the results from some of our recent investigations.

In a recent search of the East Hanover Documents we came across this:

This was interesting